The Vigil

There is a school of thought that postulates that there is little of no difference between religious fundamentalists and Star Trek fans. That both suffer from a narrow tunnel vision that doesn’t allow them to see the benefit of anyone elses point of view, that keeps them isolated from the rest of society and heaps scorn upon them from the uninitiated. Although Heather was now standing outside the lads flat, getting increasingly damp, waiting in severe vigil for Loz to ablute so she could exorcise the vileness as it passed from his body, it wasn’t her presence that Loz would have been worried about, not if he had seen her bedroom.
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So Mote it Be- The Supermarket

By the time the lads reached the flat the light but persistent drizzle had turned into a damp and clinging fog. Beads of mist hung in the lads hair and also in a pair of beards. Harry pocketed his wrappers for future examination whilst the other two disposed of their meal leftovers in the wheelie […]

So Mote It Be- Pigeons

“There appears to be a pigeon attempting to get in through the window. Shame its shut.” observed Alex, making a brief return to lucidity. The pigeon hurled itself at the window again, determined to gain entry at all costs. “That demented homing pigeon desperately wants to get in here doesn’t it?” asked Loz, observing the […]

So Mote it Be- introduction

The cemetery was behaving itself. It was midnight, the witching hour, and precisely nothing was happening. There was no ethereal mist, no unearthly glows, no furtive scurrying figures and definitely no stirring from the dead who currently resided there. All in all it was a pretty normal state of affairs. The cemetery was an old […]

The Garden

“De de de deee, de de de deee, dede, dedededeeeeeeeeeeee!” wailed the electric guitar in a close approximation of Guns N Roses Sweet Child O Mine. Jim stood in a magnificent rock pose, legs akimbo and guitar hung low in a proper Rock God manner. The effect was only slightly spoilt by the garden fence […]


Thought I’d have a stab Josies writing workshop this week. A bit of fiction based on the trigger word “Escape”. Since it was International Towel Day earlier this week, the last line is a Douglas Adams tribute in case you were wondering. Comments welcome please. The echo of feet slapping on stone cannoned ahead of […]